On Sunday evening last, a colored woman, named Jane Moore of this city, was called to her door, knocked down, placed in a carriage, and lodged in jail in Covington. on the pretense that she was a fugitive slave, owned in Maysville, Ky.  The woman was taken by some of her friends before Mayor Foley of Covington, and her freedom established.  The kidnappers, learning that their outrageous conduct would be exposed, fled, alleging that they were in search of the owner of the woman.

One night last week, several men from Kentucky guided and aided by a Ohioan, kidnapped a young negress near Georgetown, Ohio and conveyed her to Maysville where they kept her concealed for two days, when she made her escape, and gave information which led to the arrest of three brothers named Henry, Lewis and Allen Young, who were committed to jail to await trial.  This glaring atrocity was rightly abominated by the people of Maysville, who became intensely excited on the subject, and held a large meeting at the Court-House, on the evening of the 13th inst., to devise means for the public safety.  There appears to be a gang of consummate scoundrels located somewhere about Maysville, and it is to be hoped that the deep indignation roused among the people of that town will have a salutatory effect.


from the New York Times of November 20, 1854.  The Times was reprinting an item from the Cincinnati Commercial of November 17, 1854.