Maysville Fraternal Groups

Maysville, Ky.  Special to The Freeman   Mt. Herman No. 8, R. A. M.
[Royal Arch Masons] installed the following officers:

H. W. Campbell, H. P.
Richard Burns, King
Charles H. Walker, Scribe
Daniel Mann, Treasurer
L. D. Henderson, Secretary
A. B. Jones, C. H.
Benj. Lynch, R. A. C.
W. H. Powers, P. S.
John Wilson, 1st G. V.
John R. Walker, 2nd G. V.
C. B. Strowder, 3rd G. V.
James Williams, Guard.  

Palestine Commandery, No. 6, K. T. [Knights Templar]
elected the following officers:

:Richard Burns, E. C. C. H. Walker, generalissimo
H. W. Campbell, captain general
L. D. Henderson, prelate Daniel Mann, treasurer
W. H. Powers, recorder
Benj. Lynch, S. W.
J. R. Walker, J. W.
J. H. Williams, S. B.
C. B. Strowder, Std. B.
A. B. Jones, warden
J. Williams, C. Guard.  


From Indianapolis’ The Freeman, An Illustrated Colored Newspaper, Nov. 29, 1890.