Negro Stampede

Last Sunday night 7 negroes made their escape from the neighborhood of Millersburg in this county.  Three of them were men, three were women and one a child.  They belonged to Wm. McMiller, Edmund Martin, Abram Moore and Mrs. Taylor.  They hitched a pair of horses to a splendid family carriage recently purchased by Mr. McMiller, and, with a white man to drive them, rode off toward the Ohio river in style.  They were seen passing through the North Fork toll gate about 3 o'clock on Monday morning.  They left the carriage near Washington and made their way on foot to the river, just above east Maysville.  Here they attempted to cross in a skiff, which upset and all but three three men were drowned.

They were discovered clinging to the skiff on Monday morning, and were rescued and lodged in safe keeping in Maysville.


from the Covington Journal of December 29, 1855, reprinting an article from the Paris Flag.