Dedication of New School Building

M. H. S.

Corner Stone Laid Yesterday With Imposing Ceremonies

Smittie’s Bank Heads Procession of Nearly 600 School Children

Impressive Masonic Ceremonies

Dr. Hinitt’s Splendid Address on Eduction

The Board of Education and citizenship in general are to be congratulated in the happy and glorious culmination of the laying of the corner-stone of the new High School Building yesterday afternoon 

The proceedings marked a new and brighter era in the school affairs of this city; it was the beginning of a grand and onward march for higher educational attainments, for which the Board of Education has been constantly working and striving for years, being ably assisted by the Mayor and City council in the attainment and final success of the plan outlined for better and more complete buildings. 

Maysville, a score or more years ago, began to awaken from its lethargy in regard to public school matters and buildings, and by degree has advanced until the present time, and when our two handsome and commodious structures are completed and occupied will have attained apposition of educational facilities far in advance of any of her Kentucky sister cities of equal population. 

The teachers and scholars were marshaled at the present High School Building and the program as published in Tuesday’s Ledger carried out.  The line of march was gone over in the following order:

Grand Marshall

Chief of Police Harry T. Ort

Platoon of Police

Smittie’s Band

Mayor, Police Judge and City Council

Open Barouche [barouche defined] containing

Rev. F. W. Hinitt, D. D.; Rev. B. F. Chatham and Hon. Robert R. Burnam

Board of Education

Teachers and Scholars of Public Schools

Masonic Order

Joseph Heiser Post, G.A.R. 

There were 575 school children, 70 Masons, and 13 G.A.R in line, and as the column moved to strains of Smittie’s Band, the sight was grand, beautiful and soul inspiring.  When the head of the column rested at Limestone in open order the Masons, followed by the G.A.R., marched forward and took positions assigned them near the canopy under which the exercises took place.  Then followed the school children, keeping step with the familiar old air of “School Days,” rendered by Smittie’s Band, as they marched and encircled the East side of the speaker’s stand. . . . 


The handsome corner stone was the gift of Mr. J. Barbour Russell, member of the Board of Education.

During the marching of the children the sidewalks were lined with people viewing the beautiful sight.

A snap-shot fiend from a roof on a building on the opposite side of the street was busy during the exercises taking views of the scene.. . .

The High School Senior Boys got off something like this:

“Boom, alaka, boom alaka, bow, wow, wow;

Boom alaka, chick alaka, chow, chow, chow’

Boom alaka, chic alaka

Who are the best boys and girls – H.M.S.”


Excerpted from the Public Ledger of Maysville, May 15, 1908