SLAVE STAMPEDE. - The Maysville (Ky.) Eagle says: We noticed the escape of thirty odd slaves from Mason and Bracken Counties, a short time ago. Some of them were captured in Ohio, by their owners at a distance of 40 miles from the river. We are requested by a gentleman of this county, who joined in the pursuit and aided in capturing three of the fugitives, one of whom belonged to himself, to state, on behalf of the pursuers, as an act of justice to the people of Ohio, the pursuing party were not obstructed or ill-treated in any way, by word or deed, though their business was perfectly known, but they experienced from the people of Ohio, both going out and returning every aid they desired, many citizens of that State volunteering their personal assistance and extending the kindest hospitality. They brought the captured slaves home without encountering the least obstacle, or even an unkind word. The pursuing party feel it their duty to the people of Ohio and Kentucky to make this grateful acknowledgment. 


Frederick Douglass’ Paper, November 19, 1852