“Guestville.  The river has cleared up so that we can get to the Postoffice once more, hence we send you some items. Mr. Parker, our trading boat man, tore his trading boat down in anticipation of the break up, and is now rebuilding it on the bank; hence we will have a store n Guestville in a very few days….There was a goodly number of saw logs went down. . . . The only damage from the ice that we received was to lose several small rafts.  The ferry boats above and below the dam were both saved.” February 3,1879,  Daily Commonwealth 

“Guestville.  The river is in fine boating condition.  We were delightfully surprised last Sunday morning by Maggie Harper putting in her appearance in lieu of the Vigo, our regular packet.  The steamer Hiram A is to be run this summer, with our friend W. R. Jones as captain and his brother in law as clerk.” February 15,1879, Daily Commonwealth