Owen County Bridge Burns


Old Landmark Crossing Eagle Creek at Lusby is Destroyed by Fire. 


Cause Unknown. 


County Traffic Delayed.

Owenton, Ky., Sept. 20 – The old bridge across Eagle Creek at Lusby's Mill was destroyed by fire about three o’clock in the morning.  The origin of the fire is not known.  The old bridge was a landmark, having been built in 1871 by Mr. Barker.  It was about 300 feet long and was built out of poplar with stone pillars.  Residents of the Lusby community express deep regret of the burning of the old bridge, not only because of sentiment, but because they are cut off from Owenton to some extent.  They can go to Owenton by going into Grant county and coming via of Cross Roads and Holbrook.  County officials will try to make temporary arrangements for travel across the creek as soon as possible.   


Grant County News,  September 24, 1926, p. 1.