Fort Pleasant

page 54

Upon the motion of Joshua Spiers, it is ordered that a Town be established by the name of Fort Pleasant on his own lands situated in the Kentucky River above the mouth of Cedar Creek on the north side of said river. Upon his entering into bond in the Clerk's office with Wm. Gour, John Williams & Daniel Stephens his securities with a penalty of 1000 pounds conditioned as the Law directs - and that Christopher [illeg] Grump, Wm. Gour, James Hayden, Wm. Quaries, John Williams and Daniel Stephens be appointed trustees for the town.

page 55-56

Ordered that the order made today establishing the Town of Fort Pleasant be amended as follows towitt - to be Begin after the word “river” in the fifth line of said Order and insert “Beginning on hundred and ninety two rods from the mouth of Cedar Creek the upper side thereof - up the Kentucky River to a large Beech and Poplar, thence running up the river S 35 W 60 poles to a large Sycamore thence out for the quantity of 30 acres from the River.”


From Order Book B, of Owen County, September 24, 1799