Gratz Methodist Church

The dedication of the M. E. Church last Sunday [October 31] was a pleasant and profitable occasion. More than 600 persons were present, and the church was packed to its utmost capacity, with over two hundred persons outside. The dedicatory services were conducted by Rev. Robert Hiner, and though lengthy, were interesting throughout. After the service a bountiful feast was spread on the grounds, near he building, and everybody supplied. There were no visitors from “afar off,” but the country around and the neighbor-towns were well represented.  Owenton especially was well-represented.  Good order prevailed from beginning to end and nothing of an unpleasant character occurred. The building is paid for and stands a monument o the energy, religious zeal, and industry of our people.  No finer or better building can be found in this or the adjoining counties.


from the Owen County Democrat, November 5, 1886