Stylish Millinery

The Blue Front, and Curtis & Swetman's Autumn Opening Event

Tomorrow and Saturday the Blue Front and Curtis & Swetman's annual Fall Openings occur. and every girl and woman in Owenton and Owen county will have a wild desire to take a peep into these large emporiums where beauty and style hold high carnival, and where the fair sex can whet her fashion's appetite to the keenest edge.  The supremacy of Owenton millinery is well demonstrated this season, not only in point of carefully selected styles and unlimited assortments, but especially in the economical prices you will find there. 

These opening events always furnish an opportunity for social and business gatherings among our female population.  Mrs. Perry, Missus Bryan and Lillard still hold the places of honor at the Blue Front, while Mrs. Allen and Miss Dunlop will wear their usual smiles of welcome at Curtis & Swetman's.  The styles this season are gorgeous beyond compare - ribbons, tufts, bows, streamers, plumes, wings, buckles and jeweled ornaments will crown the head of every fair lady in the land, and if you want the real thing in hats, and would be as proud as a queen you must let one of these firms fit you out with this necessary part of your apparel. 

If the ladies will bring their husbands along with them when they visit these shops, they will forget most of the jokes they have read about the cost of new hats.  Of course, a fashionable hat does cost a little more than a “dowdy” one and it's worth a great deal more.


from the News-Democrat, undated clipping.