Kentucky’s Rich Lead Mines

Moxley, Ky., June 22. Joplin mining experts are of the opinion that the lead mining development in Kentucky, at present not the largest, is by far the most important new field in sight, and as a result the State will be thoroughly tested as to its lead producing qualities.  In none of the many lead fields is the mineral found in as rich a percentage as in the Kentucky field near Gratz and Moxley.  Even in the Joplin (Mo.) field the richness of the ore is much less than in the Kentucky River hills. While the Joplin mines are turning out a rich ore, the quantity of the output is much less each year, with increasing demand and higher prices, consequently the eyes of investors are turning in the direction of the Kentucky territory. In the Joplin field the present supply is being drawn upon to such an extent that there is bound to be a shortage, and prices are necessarily advancing.

The Lead Mining Corporation of America, while a recent addition to the field, owns and controls more land than all the other companies now operating in this territory.  The company owns outright 228 acres and has lese on another 1,000 additional acres lying in and near Big Twin Creek.  The officers of the company are: John B. Offut, New York City, President
Harry W. Forbush, Secretary and Treasurer
Herbert F. Russell, Vice-President and Manager
Charles E. Warren, Superintendent  The majority of the stockholders are Eastern capitalists.


From the New York Times, June 23, 1902