M.S.A.S. Testimonial


March 17, I finished the Michigan State Auto School and returned to Wheatley, Ky., my home town, where I entered the garage business and have been making good ever since.  The M.S. A. S. sure puts the right kind of goods to a fellow to make him a first-class automobile man if he has the push and energy to do anything.  I started in a small building, and while I haven't a very large place, I am able to take care of almost anything.  In our garage we have our own light plant (as our town has no current), which enables us to take care of batteries, as this is the most important part in the auto game today.  We expect to put up a larger and finer building before long.  I have done many electrical jobs this summer where other mechanics fell down, simply because they didn't know the principle of the operation, and your school sure teaches that.
                                                               Sturgeon Riley, Wheatley, Ky.


Testimonial from the M.S.A.S. ad in the Journal of the American Bankers' Association, 1920