Tackett's Mens Store


R.L. Vallandingham and Company (now Larry Tackett’s Men’s Wear)
Shown left to right, are Bob Vallandingham, Mr. Hubbert, Jeff Holbrook, unknown, and George Vallandingham holding a tie. Notice the hats in the case to the left, the shirt boxes on the right, and luggage on top of the cases. In 1931, Bob Vallandingham started the business known as R.L. Vallandingham and Company. The location has not changed from 145 Seminary Street in Owenton since its beginning. R.L. (Bob) was assisted by his brother George.

Other employees in the early 1950s were H.T. Riley and Joe Sanford. In 1954, they bought the business from Bob Vallandingham. In 1956, Joe Sanford sold his half of the business to H.T. Riley. Then in 1956, Bud Stamper purchased half the business which he then sold in 1958, making H.T. Riley the sole owner. While still in high school, Larry Tackett was an employee during the years of 1958 to 1961. In 1969, Larry returned to the business and worked for H.T. Riley until 1974 when he became a partner. In 1981, Larry and his wife, Doris Ann, bought the business from H.T. and Betty Riley. In 2008, the Tackett's still own the store.


Thanks to Larry and Doris Ann Tackett for the photo, and information.