Nov. 3.  We are glad to report the marriage of Ferd. Doud to Miss Emma Coal, or Broad Ridge.  The couple were aroused Wednesday night about eleven o’clock by a party of serenaders consisting of about 28 men and boys.  Everything went off well.  M. m. Menifee was Captain and James M. Young Lieutenant.  James Lummis is doing a profitable business in mule flesh. He bought mules in the amount of $210 and sold them for $110.  That is the way our boys get rich.  A step-grandson of Daniel Boone has located a few miles from this place.  He is living in a small wigwam on game which he kills. He visits our town occasionally with loads of game of all descriptions.  He claims to be a step-grandson of the old pioneer.  


from the Daily Commonwealth, November 14, 1877