A History of the Pleasant Hill Christian Church


The land for this church was donated by the Barnhill family.  In choosing a name for the church, the members realized that this site was indeed a “pleasant” one, yet they felt that the Barnhill’s should be remembered for their generosity, therefore the name: Pleasant Hill.   The church was dedicated on the first Sunday in September, 1883 by J. S. Kendrick.  The 124 charter members elected four deacons and four elders to be their representatives to the church board.  Services were held the first Sunday of every month.  The salary was $180 per year, payable quarterly.  During the year of 1883, the church was served by Bro. Dave Housten.   On January 12, 1902, Pleasant Hill Church burned.  The church members raised the $1,090.87 needed to rebuild, and in September, 1902 the present building was dedicated, by Bro. D. f. Stafford.   At the present time the church records between 1915 and 1940 can not be found.  Omitting this period, the following is a listing of the ministers who have served Pleasant Hill Christian Church.

Name Previous Location Date of Service
Dave Housten   1883
J. Stafford   Jan-Dec 1884
P. G. Perlins   Jan-Dec 1885
J. C. Walden   Jan 1886
D. F. Stafford   Mar 1886
G. S. Williams   April 1886
F. M. Tinder   Mar 1887
J. K. Hester, Jr.   Oct 1887
K. O. South    
T. S. Tinsley Lexington Feb '89 - May '90
H. Saxby Lexington Jun '91 - '92
D. F. Stafford Lexington 1893-94
Fraley   1895
G. S. Williams Lexington 1896
S. W. Mills   1897-1898
George Ringo   1899-1901
Hall Lexington 1903
M. Pfanstil   Jan 1904-Dec '06
McGarvey Lenox   Feb 1907
Thos. Lenox Lexington Aug 1910
R. D. Neal   Aug 1912
C. C. Wilson   Jan '13 - Aug '14
G. F. Tinsley Lexington Aug '14 - Jan '15
R. M. Deskins Lexington Aug 1915
McCash Lexington 1915
McMillan Lexington 1915
Missing Records
Runner Butler Jan '40
George Caraland Morgan Jan '41
A. S. Dowd Corinth Jan '42
W. W. Winter Cincinnati Jan-Aug '46
Gilbert Schriber Cincinnati Nov '46 - '48
Horace Schaffner College of the Bible Jan-Sept '49
Glen Weaver College of the Bible Oct '49 - July '51
Chalres Spangler College of the Bible Nov '51 - June '54
Meloin Garretson College of the Bible Aug 54 - '55
John cope College of the Bible Aug '55 - '57
Clifford Cole College of the Bible Aug '57 - Oct '59
Stephen Bennett College of the Bible Jan '60 - Oct '60
Bill Guthrie College of the Bible March 1961



By Bill Guthrie, July 13, 1961