The Falmouth Saw Mill Plant Destroyed by Fire

The large saw mill plant of the Falmouth Planning Mill and Lumber Company across the river in Shoemakertown, was completely destroyed by fire Wednesday night about 10 o'clock; also the mill office and about $2,000 worth of lumber and staves stacked in and close to the mill were consumed.  Kenzie Held, returning home, discovered the firs and gave the alarm.  The fire started in the main building and spread rapidly.  Falmouth Fire Co hastened to the scene with a small hand engine, but could do little good with it.  Then a line of hose was attached to a plug in the pump station on the opposite side of the river and quickly run across the stream with the aid of boats, and in short time had the fire under control.  The boys deserve much credit for this difficult feat.  A stiff west wind fanned the blaze and it seemed as thought everything was doomed.  Everybody had to work to keep the sparks from igniting other buildings and lumber.  Had it not been for the quick action of the Fire Company everything would have burned, with a loss of about $30,000.  The loss as it is about $8,000, with only $1,000 insurance.  A new fire engine had just recently been installed.  The origin of the fire is unknown.  The fire is not only a big loss to the Company, but will be a severe one to the men who worked there, as they will be thrown out of employment.  It is understood that the mill will be rebuilt.


From the Falmouth Outlook of November 5, 1909