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Short Creek Baptist Church Arises From its
Ashes and is Dedicated to God's Cause

The Short Creek Baptist church at Goforth was dedicated Sunday last.  W. D. Powell, D.D., of Louisville, preached the dedicatory sermon. 

It was an ideal day and about 2,000 people were present.  They came from all parts of Grant, Boone, Kenton, Harrison and Pendleton counties and the multitude was well taken care of in every particular. Members and friends of the congregation brought loads of good things to eat, and at 2:00 o'clock dinner was spread in the church yard and everybody was invited to partake of the repast.

The new building, which was erected at a cost of $2,700, is a handsome church edifice, and stands on the site where the old church burned on May 5, 1908.  It is a frame structure with two exits in front.  The interior is finished with metal ceiling and siding and painted light green, while the outside is painted white.  The seats and church furniture are handsome in oak finish.  It is the handsomest church in the county.

An indebtedness of $600 was raised on Sunday and the church was dedicated to God's cause.

The building committee was composed of the following well-known gentlemen of that vicinity: J. J. Marquette, T. J. Gulick, F. W.  Conrad, J. W. Ballinger, J. T. McNay, E. E. Ewing, and Dr. N. H. Ellis. They went to work shortly after the church was burned making arrangements to build the new church.  The committee deserves great credit for their excellent labors in turning the fine new edifice over to the congregation just one year after the old church was destroyed by fire, free of debt.

The membership is composed of earnest workers in the Master's cause.  They assisted the building committee in a harmonious and faithful manner.  The believe that "in union there is strength."

A most liberal assistance was extended by friends and members of other churches.  The committee and congregation desire to thank each and every one.

Rev. T. J. Marksberry is the present pastor.  The following ministers were present and took part in the service: Revs. C. J. Bagby, E. J. King, John Dougherty, J. H. Sharp, and Allie Stith.


from the May 28, 1909 Falmouth Outlook.