A Status Report from the Superintendent


N. H. Hannah

During my administration, as superintendent of common schools of Bracken county, which began January 3rd, 1898, we have had a very pleasant service, and the schools have been doing good work.  There is a greater degree of interest among the teachers, most everyone to anxious to do better and more satisfactory work. 

 There have been ten new houses built, and over 30 repaired and put in good condition, and is  the school property is now in a better condition and of the greater value than at any time in the past.  

Augusta Graded Free School lost by fire at a $20,000 school building in 1899 and within 12 months, phoenix like, they had it replaced with a more elegant and modern building.  They employ eight teachers.  Brooksville, the county seat, has entered upon a new era of educational matters by organizing degraded free school the past year, and is now being conducted such bright prospects for the future.  They now employ four teachers and that number will have to be increased for another year.

 Germantown, the next school in size, is very anxious for a graded free school, but owing to existing circumstances which we have been unable to overcome, they have not yet been able to reach the end desired.

 Out county teachers' library has been increased by the addition of two hundred volumes of excellent books which the teachers are using very freely, and the results are very satisfactory.

 We held fourteen successful teachers associations within the past three years, with an average of forty per cent of the teachers in attendance.  In conclusion will say the work and interest manifested has been very satisfactory.


from Legislative document number 5. The biennial Report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction of Kentucky, for the Two years beginning July 1, 1899 and ending June 30, 1901, H. V. McChesney, Superintendent of Public Instruction.