Silver Slipper

In the 1940's, "Big Jim" Harris opened the Stark Club at 613 Monmouth St in Newport, KY. Harris was the sheriff of Wilder, KY and also ran the Hi-De-Ho Club and brothel on Licking Pike, near Bobby Mackey's. He was notorious for voice recording the male customers while engaged with the prostitutes and later blackmailing them by promising to destroy the tape for a "small fee" of about five thousand dollars. If they refused to pay, Harris would release the tape to their wives. But Harris took too much business away from the Cleveland Syndicate and, as a result, he was eventually arrested and jailed for prostitution after the Newport police received an "anonymous" tip. His Stark Club came under new ownership and was renamed The Silver Slipper in 1959. From 1961-63 the club was renamed Frolic and featured a burlesque stage show and illegal gambling and brothel in back. In 1966 it came under new ownership again and was renamed the Galaxie Club, which was mainly a strip joint and a peep show. But it 1970 the club was nearly destroyed by fire, and arson was suspected. It finally reopened in 1976 under the new name The Brass Ass, which operated as one of only two remaining strip clubs in Newport.


From a Facebook post by Chris Code