About these . . .


This is *very* motley collection of documents from the Post Office Department. There are applications for office moves, applications to establish a new post office, and a few other random pieces of government paperwork.

Some tiny post offices have many pages, some larger towns have but a few, and some towns don't have any. There is no consistency at all here, and they are by no means complete.

Most of them have accompanying maps. Some of the maps are wonderful; others are just sad. In defense of the people tasked with drawing them, the post office forms were odd, and, in later years, asked the Kentucky postmaster to locate his PO using townships and ranges. It justifiably left most of them to make up whatever they could. Some took the task serious; others not so much.

There is good stuff to be found here among the dreck. All are pdf's.

Did you know Devon used to be Crescent? Or maybe Crescent Valley? Need a map of Weneeda? There are pearls among the bureaucracy.


from the National Archives, see https://catalog.archives.gov/id/68369024