Street Scenes from Erlanger, Kentucky

Town Hall, Commonwealth & Main,
Erlanger, c. 1910, The Bentler Building

The Erlanger - Fort Mitchell Bus
J. W. Bentler, prop.


Erlanger Tollgate.
On Erlanger Road
Erlanger Tollgate.  Same
scene as at left.  Fritz Scheben owned the house



Two more shots of the Bentler Building, one with lots of
pedestrians, and one with a jitney (bus).


Dixie at McAlpin

Erlanger, c. WWI

Dixie Highway, Erlanger

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The first word in Erlanger history is Henry Childress' History of Erlanger, here.

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The Q & C Depot, Erlanger 
(The Queen and Crescent, later the Southern, later the Norfolk Southern.  It started out
as the C. N. O. & T. P - the Cincinnati, New Orleans and Texas Pacific.)

The Erlanger Depot, 1974 
The depot being moved.  It's about 100 feet west of its original location Erlanger Depot, September, 1911
(a Kentuckiana Virtual Library image)
The C. N. O & T. P.

Current home of the Erlanger Depot Museum, and the Erlanger Historical Society
  Saturdays only, from noon to 4 pm.


In the snow, before
 Dixie was paved

Erlanger Elsmere
Armed Services Roll

Commonwealth Avenue

Commonwealth Avenue, 1944


Grandstand at Erlanger Fairgrounds

Trotters Race at the Erlanger Fair Grounds Grandstand at the Erlanger Fairgrounds c. 1920

The grandstand you see here seated 4,000 people and was located  where the Lloyd High School Campus  is today. The first Erlanger Derby was run here in 1906.

A Kentucky Post preview of events at the 1910 Erlanger Fair, including "the inevitable Oriental dancers," is here.

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Aerial View of Erlanger

Edgewood / Erlanger Aerial
That's Dixie Heights
| in the top center


Kenton Co Public Library

Depending on how you count, this is either the first, second, or third public library in
Erlanger-Elsmere.   It's the first stand-alone building that had a library.  An earlier library was
begun in the old Citizens Bank Building, which is the first library, according to a history of the
libraries by Harry Riggs, which you can read here.  He read the history on the occasion of the dedication
of the above building on May 19, 1957.  Evidently, everyone forgot there was an earlier library on Garvey, just
off Dixie, as shown in this Sanborn Fire map c. 1940.  More on Sanborn maps below.


Looking East in 1911
This image is provided through the
courtesy of the Lloyd Library of Cincinnati

Erlanger Scenes after the
Tornado, July 7, 1915

Riggs Avenue



Russ Garnet Excavating, building the Erlanger Road
Thanks to Lucy Riffle for this picture and a description: "I found this old picture of my grandfather
 Morris Y. Thomas (in the plaid coat), Chetty Skidmore (3rd to his right standing up) and some other
 men when they built Erlanger Road. Behind them is where Super Bowl is now; Riggs
 Avenue, not yet built, now runs to the right down past the barns."


Clicking on this image will take you to, where you can see an enlarged version
 of this picture by Jesse Cornelius, and a view of Erlanger you don't usually get to see.

Child Life in Erlanger, Kentucky Seining for Minnows in Dry Creek on the Sunset Poultry Farm, near Erlanger



The map on the left is from a Sanborn Fire Map of Erlanger from 1909, and the map on the right is excerpted from a Lake Atlas of 1883.  You can see more expansive versions of both.  Learn how here

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The City of Erlanger was first incorporated on January 25, 1897.
Their brochure, Lookin' Back, a detailed look, street by
 street, and house by house, of old Erlanger, is here (pdf)

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Plat for an 1879 sale of lots in Erlanger.  Note that north is toward the bottom right.
from the Covington Daily Commonwealth, April 4. 1879

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On September 19, 1888, at a barbecue in Erlanger, one of Kentucky's Senator,  Joseph C. S. Blackburn debated the Speaker of the U. S. House of Representatives, then Covington's John J. Carlisle about tariff reform.  6,000 people showed up.

Or maybe 15,000 showed up.  Story here.

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Two murder stories from 1890's Erlanger, here.

The City of Erlanger was first incorporated on January 25, 1897.

The Erlanger Historical Society is here.

The official City of Erlanger site is here.


Shootout in an Erlanger saloon in 1887, story here.


"Cincinnati Furniture Exchange - The big outing of the Exchange took place on June 22.  This is the twentieth annual outing which members of the Exchange have had the pleasure to attend.  This year's big outing was at Cody's big farm in Erlanger, Ky., the place where all had such a grand time last year.  Promptly at 9 o'clock in the morning Kentucky burgoo was served, after which a round of mint juleps was presented to the members buy Colonel Cody, the host.  At 1 o'clock a big chicken dinner was served and during the afternoon there were roasting ears and a barbecue.  In the evening, a real old-fashioned Kentucky supper gave the members a chance to fill up - those who had any room left in which to put it.  There was a band and orchestra to make things merry during the day, and Goetz's entertainers were there to drive the blues away."
A 1918 issue of The Furniture Worker

You can read about other folks who had their annual soiree's at Colonel Cody's farm in Erlanger:

    Cincinnati Jewelers     Cincinnati Shoe and Leather Club     Lumbermen's Club of Cincinnati

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I'm indebted to the Erlanger Historical Society for many of the pictures you see here.  Thanks, folks.

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