New Liberty, Kentucky

Scenes from the Grand opening of the Carrollton Highway



Here's a short history of New Liberty which talks about the above four images.  


The Gayle House

New Liberty, c. 1883


New Liberty was originally laid out as Adams Town in 1815, and was named after a local man named Reuben Adams.  Adams started a post office in 1816, but named it Twin Meeting House, after the Baptist Church at Twin Creek.   By 1823 the name had changed to New Liberty – no one’s real clear on why – and the town was incorporated in 1827. - From Robert Rennick’s Kentucky Bluegrass: A Survey of the Post Offices, Vol. II. 

"On Friday night October 14.  About 7 o'clock at New Liberty, Ky., we had the most sublime display of Aurora Borealis ever witnessed.  The lurid streaks of light flashed up from the horizon in the east and north, some red as fire, and shedding a glare of light nearly equal to moonlight, and extending halfway from the horizon to the zenith."  from the Owen News, quoted in the Carrollton Democrat, October 29, 1870

"I have bought and taken possession of the Gayle House in New Liberty, and am prepared to entertain the traveling public in the best of style.  The house will be known as the Hukill House.  Bus line twice a day to and from Sanders Sta.  Livery stable connected.  J. H. Hukill, proprietor"
The Owenton Democrat
, April 1, 1887

"The new flouring mill at Wheatley threw open its doors last week and amidst the whirr of wheels and burrs turned out its first pure white flour to many waiting patrons.  The people of this neighborhood have long wanted a convenience of this kind.  The mill has proven a success in the kind of flour produced, and has been attested by many good housewives in that section.  The plant is owned by Messrs. William and Henry J. McNeal and William Baker." from the Owenton News-Herald, November 28, 1907


The New Liberty Sunday
 School Convention is here.

Find out how the New Liberty Christian
 Church got it's bell, here

"New Liberty's Mr. J. B. Hartsaugh has started a opossum ranch."
 - Owen County Democrat, November 19, 1886
"A colored woman at New Liberty, Ky., last week gave birth to four children: two  girls and two boys.  At last accounts all were doing well. - American Baptist, August 21, 1903

"To the Citizens of Henry, Owen, Carroll, Grant and Kenton Counties.
A meeting of citizens friendly to a branch of the Louisville and Frankfort, from near Eminence, by way of the valleys, Drennon, Eagle, Ten Mile and Bank Lick Creek to Covington or Newport will be held at New Liberty, on Saturday, 13th of November, for the purpose of devising means for building said road.  Let everyone interested attend."  from the Louisville Daily Courier, November 11, 1852.

    1879 New Liberty Robbery nets $24,000.  Story and follow-up here. 1869 fire nearly destroy's
New Liberty.  Story here.

     "The citizens of Owen County, favorable to Southern Rights, proposed to give a Grand Barbeque, at the Fair Grounds at New Liberty, on the 5th of September.  Prominent speakers have been invited to attend and address the people."  from the Louisville Daily Courier, August 30, 1861

Major Fire Hits New Liberty
 in 1864.  Read it here.

Fire in New Liberty, 1904, here.

The 18766 Owen County Fair was held in New Liberty.  Details here.

New Liberty, from an 1876
 Gazetteer is here.

"Twenty-seven Shots, Five Hits, and
No One killed."  Story here.

"On Saturday last, we printed a prospectus of the 'Owen County Sentinel,' a new paper to be established in New Liberty, Owen county, Ky., by Mr. J. A. Kissinger, of Ohio. We hope the paper will be liberally patronized, and be profitable to its publisher and the citizens of that county.  It will be a Democratic paper."  from Vevay's Indiana Reveille, July 6, 1859

A short history of New Liberty
 Baptist Church is here.

Rebels visit New Liberty in 1862, here


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