Outrages Upon Colored People


Within the past week three persons of color have presented themselves at the Freedman's Bureau in this city and entered complaints of having been whipped by white people.

[snip of Boone portion of story]

The second case is that of a colored woman named Louisa Grant, residing a few miles back of Warsaw, Gallatin County, Ky.  The following is a copy of her affidavit:

Affiant, Louisa Grant (colored) of Gallatin County, on oath says that about 1 or 2 o'clock on Tuesday night, July 17, a gang of seven men, having their faces blackened, came to her house and broke the door open, and three of them entered.  Two of them went to the bed where she lay and pulled her out, and would not allow here to dress.  They then broke up everything in the house.  The Captain of the gang, named ------, put a pistol to her head, and he swore he would kill her if she did not immediately inform him where her son was.  Her son, George Gant, was a soldier in the Ohio One Hundred and Eighteenth Unites States Colored Infantry, and recently discharged.  He brought home with him $200, which was stolen by the gang.  Again, on the following Friday night, about 2 o'clock A. M., the same gang came to her house and swore if she did not open it they would take her life this time certainly.  She then opened the door.  Three of the men entered the house and asked her where her son was.  She replied she did not know.  They then pushed and kicked her out the house, and whipped her (each in turn), with a large rod cut from a tree, until she became insensible.  They then ripped up beds, and broke and destroyed everything in the house.


from the New York Times, August 9, 1866, reprinting an item that appeared in the Covington news section of the Cincinnati Gazette.  That article describes three events - one each from Boone, Gallatin and Kenton Counties.