Outrages Upon Colored People


Within the past week three persons of color have presented themselves at the Freedman's Bureau in this city and entered complaints of having been whipped by white people.

The first case was that of a colored man, named Simon Adams, who resides in Boone County, Ky. He states, under oath, that on Saturday night, July 28, a party of four men came to his house.  Two of them had on false faces, and the other two had their faces blackened.  One of the party knocked at the door, when Simon opened a window and asked what was wanting.  They said they wanted to speak with him; whereupon he opened the door, and they immediately seized him and, dragging him to the woods close by, stripped him of his clothing and whipped him severely.  The scoundrels then told Simon if he was caught in that neighborhood the next morning he would be killed.  The back of this colored man was lacerated in a terrible manner, as can be proven by many citizens of Covington, who saw it at the office of the Freedman's Bureau.


from the New York Times, August 9, 1866, reprinting an item that appeared in the Covington news section of the Cincinnati Gazette.  That article describes three events - one each from Boone, Gallatin and Kenton Counties.