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In the heyday of the Lagoon, from 1905 to 1915, on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, there was a trolley leaving Fountain Square, in Cincinnati, every two minutes destined for the Lagoon: A trolley every other minute.  In 1897, there were 50 street cars dedicated to the Ludlow/Lagoon line. On some weekend nights, the crowd could go between 25,000-30,000 people.


lagoon map ludlow lagoon
Map Showing the
  Lagoon - 1904
Tip of our hat to Mr. Andy Corn for this great image.  It's a current topographical map overlaid with a 1909 Sanborn Fire Map, showing the location of all the Lagoon buildings in that year. Don't blame Andy for the annotations; they're ours.


ludlow lagoon ludlow lagoon Ludlow Lagoon
Entrance to the Lagoon Park The entrance, on Laurel,
between Park and Lake
From a Facebook post by Gary Hellebush


ludlow lagoon Fire Co. #5
Entrance to Beautiful Lagoon, 1909
to Miss Lettie Price, Webster Grove, Missouri: “Hello old girl how are you I will write a letter soon.  Lettie, send us your picture. Johnnie and Adda want you to write them. How are you getting along this hot weather.  Old Jake and the Pet Chicken and I are by ourselves to day. Pearl takes his dinner with him, Lucy”
  Entrance to Beautiful Lagoon, c. 1910


ludlow lagoon ludlow lagoon ludlow lagoon ludlow lagoon
View from the Lagoon Clubhouse, 1908 Clubhouse
Thanks to Gary Rolfsen for this one.
Club House at the Lagoon,
from the Lake
Here's the Lagoon's Clubhouse's application to be on the National Register of Historic places, complete with photo's, history, and maps.


Ludlow Lagoon Ludlow Lagoon Ludlow Lagoon
Clubhouse from the Lake Back of the Clubhouse, in a flood. We'd guess 1913.
From Facebook posts by Gary Hellebush


Ludlow Lagoon


ludlow lagoon ludlow lagoon ludlow lagoon
Panoramic Views of the Lagoon's Lake


ludlow lagoon ludlow lagoon ludlow lagoon
Lake, Theatre, & Roller Coaster, There were 100 boats available to rent on opening day. Beautiful Scenery,
Lagoon Park
The railroad going up Erlanger Hill frequently required an engine to push as well as one to pull.


Ludlow Lagoon
c. 1905


Ludlow Lagoon
1960 Aerial, showing the islands


Ludlow Lagoon ludlow lagoon
Lagoon, 1911 An Aerial View of the Lagoon


ludlow lagoon
A Glimpse of the Lake at the Lagoon
"This is one of our summer gardens
and the girls and boys hold hands"


A little commerce at the Lagoon

It's 1896, and 32,000 people come to the Lagoon to see Rexo the great skatorial king; Don Octavio, the Spanish slack wire walker; and the Phantascope (Wikipedia).



From a Facebook post by Gary Rolfsen


Lagoon Days

Lagoon Days
from the Williamstown Courier, September 19, 1895


The flood of 1913, the Motorcycle disaster in 1913 followed by the tornado of 1915, followed by WWI in 1917, followed by prohibition in 1920, simply added up to finance losses that the Lagoon couldn't sustain. What business could? By 1921, a story of the Lagoon's dance hall burning notes that the park “has not been extensively used.”


Streets in the vicinity of the Lagoon - Deverill, Ludford, and Stokesay - are named for places near the Ludlow family's ancestral English home. Eugene Debs speaks at the Lagoon, story here. Who was Eugene Debs? Background at this site.

KET (Kentucky Educational Television) has a video tape of Lagoon Scenes you can buy by clicking here.  Please tell them Northern Kentucky Views sent you.

Mr. David Schroeder, Executive Director of the Kenton County
Library, has written this article about the Lagoon at the site of the Kentucky Tribune.

Dave Schroeder's history of the Ludlow Lagoon


38 minutes. Good stuff.



ludlow lagoon

We took our Lagoon page headings from this season pass from 1899.

Lagoon Ephemera Lagoon Ephemera Lagoon Ephemera Lagoon Ephemera Lagoon Ephemera
Various ephemera from the Ludlow Lagoon

Suspension Bridge

Architectural drawing of the Lagoon's Entrance